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I’ve got your goal right here.

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The guy in the brown T-Shirt isn’t taking any chances.

With a Serbian Yell

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A youthful Serb welcomes home his country’s gold medal swimmers and waterpolo team following their triumphs at the Fina World Championships in Rome. I can’t make fun of a man whose pride brought him to tears. (Photo by Ivan Milutinovic/Reuters)

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Now that’s a saltine cracker

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I think his crimson tide comes in the form of a jelly donut.

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Giant sunglasses never disappoint

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I think his friend just pooped a little.

South Africa is going to host the World Cup in 2010. Here’s a taste of what you will get.  (Picture by the Associated Press)

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Look at this face painter

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That is a yellow line meant to be crossed.

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Those wacky French

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Sacre Bleu. What is up with Tour de France fans? Wow!

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Nappy headed Ho

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A fan at the 2008 Summer Olympics wears a government approved hat. The glasses are suspect though.

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Mushroom Man

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This is the last call. The bus for the mental hospital leaves in ten minutes.

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Sausage Fest

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Even the kid behind these two Green Bay Packers fans thinks they look like dumb asses.

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Beat them anyway you can

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South Carolina Game Cocks football fans: You have to give these boys kudos. It takes a lot of nerve to paint letters on your chests that spell “COCKS!”.

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