I have season tickets to the Seattle Seahawks. My seat is near the South end zone above where the crazy fans congregate. I spend half the game just watching the crowd. Sports fans never disappoint. The fans who dress up at sports events are in a world of their own. They freely walk around looking like freaks but hold an air as if it normal. The only group that is a close second would be the people who dress up at gay parades but they really have nothing on sports fans. This site celebrates the sports fans bravery or in some instances their stupidity. Although a few amazing costumes will sneak onto this site, for the most part the pictures posted here will be of the people who didn’t quite hit the mark. Although our intention is not to be mean-spirited, I want to make it clear, costumed sports fans and face painters, we are not laughing with you; we are laughing at you. But it is all in good fun. If you dress up in costume you have to be able to laugh at yourself.  

Thank you for coming to my site. I hope you enjoy yourself. And please send any pictures you have of face painters, people in costumes, drunk fans making asses of themselves, inappropriate signs… Whatever odd picture you believe would fit on the site.